The Program

how it works

the program offers medically supported weight loss that targets your fat, not your muscle with medical grade injections – available to you from the comfort of home.

Targeting Fat Loss

When following a restricted diet, people will usually lose muscle mass before fat-this is where the injections come in. The Slimwell Program is focused on fat loss, protecting your muscle mass. This state of elevated hormone levels encourages muscle-building, which prevent the occurrence of muscle breakdown.

Long-Lasting Results

As mentioned above, the Slimwell Program helps prevent the loss of muscle mass as opposed to fat loss. When people crash diet, they may lose many pounds and appear as though they have slimmed down, but this is because they have lost muscle mass. However, losing muscle is detrimental to your body’s shape and metabolism. Once the person has ended their crash diet, they are more likely to gain weight even quicker, and they will usually gain most of it (if not more) back. The Slimwell Program assists with weight loss by creating longer-lasting results and ensuring that you are not affecting your muscles and metabolism as you lose weight. As a result, you will slim down and become leaner, but retain the muscle that helps your body maintain your weight loss after the diet has been completed.

the slim
meal plan

At the heart of the fat loss program is a customized VLCD (very low calorie diet) meal plan that promotes fat loss, combined with our medically prescribed Slim Injections; comprised of hCG and Vitamin B12. Your meal plan is developed considering your fat loss goals, medical history and lifestyle. Slim Injections will help you feel more comfortable while on the diet, reducing hunger, increasing energy and most importantly encouraging fat loss specifically.

your slimcoach is with you, everywhere.

*optional program add-on.
Add-on SlimCoaching to your initial program and receive support throughout your weight loss journey. Get real time program help via the Slim Injection App with your SlimCoach daily — you’ll have support in your pocket when you need us.

your entire program shipped right to your door.

Convenient and discrete delivery so you can get started!
Once you’ve signed up for the Slim Injections program and successfully completed our intake process, your complete package is shipped directly to you.

 Ready to get slim?

If you are unsure whether or not the Slimwell Program is right for you connect with one of our expert weight wellness coaches. They will assess your needs and goals, and are happy to answer all your questions for weight loss.