By Raven Posted May 04, 2018

3 Tips to Help you Reach your Summer Weight Loss Goals

That most beloved of seasons, summer, is fast approaching. For some of us, mixed in with the anticipation is no small amount of dread. [...]

By Raven Posted April 26, 2018

Type H

The clock blessedly strikes 12, and it's time for lunch! You aren't particularly hungry yet (you had a big breakfast), but 12 is 12. You have a meeting right at one you need to prepare for, so you have to grab something quick. A&W it is. Just this once, of course. [...]

By Raven Posted April 17, 2018

Type E

It's seven o'clock and you've only just arrived home. You're tired, exhausted actually, your boss humiliated you in front of a meeting room full of people that morning, and as if that weren't enough, on your way home, some guy on the bus sneezed in your face. All you want to do is seek oblivion at the bottom of a tub of Haagen-Dazs ice cream and darnation why not? [...]

By Raven Posted April 12, 2018

What's Your Type

One of the most complicated relationships we have as adults, and as kids for that matter, is with food. Regardless of whether you are overweight, underweight or somewhere in between, it's going to be a love hate connection. This food is delicious, that food is disgusting, this food is really bad for us, that food is really good for us, oh no I ate too much, oh no I am starving... Walking the tightrope of ingestion, digestion and absorption of proper nutrients is one of the most difficult balancing acts of our everyday lives.   [...]

By Raven Posted March 27, 2018

The Weight of Our Emotions

If losing weight was as simple as eat this, don't eat that, we'd all be doing it. The truth is, when it comes to weight loss, there's a lot more at play than how a person eats. [...]

By Raven Posted March 20, 2018

The 3 Reasons Slimwell Will Make a Difference

"This diet actually works!" "This weight loss program is miraculous." "I never thought I could actually lose the weight until I found..." [...]

By Raven Posted March 15, 2018

Lean On Me

A wise man called Bill Withers once said, "We all need somebody to lean on." Needless to say, most everybody has felt the weight of this statement at some point or other in their lives. Having somebody to stand by you, a support system, community or even just a good friend to lean on, is intrinsic to our success as human beings.   [...]

By Raven Posted March 12, 2018

The Fat in our Stars

Fate and fair are not friends. Fate has us predisposed to be fat or skinny, while fair would love for us to be the latter... It's a shame they don't get along.   For the majority of the population, weight has as much to do with their genetic makeup as it does their lifestyle choices. Body type is not something we get to choose, just the same as eye or hair color. And although it is far from fair, many of us are simply pre-wired to gain weight more quickly and lose it with more difficulty than others. So, the question becomes, what can we do when there's fat in our stars?    [...]

By Raven Posted March 07, 2018

The Fats

Water, muscles, organs, nerves, bones... All these things have weight. When people talk about losing weight, what they are really talking about is losing fat.  So today, we're focusing in on the fats. What is fat anyway? Can you target fat loss directly? Read on for answers to your FAQs on fat.   [...]

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