Why Choose Slimwell?

Say No-No to Yo-Yo, Let’s Get Slim.

Slimwell is a fat loss program that is focused on making you strong + slim! We don’t just want you to lose weight—we help you understand how to retain muscle, clean up your diet and live slim long term. Your health is your true well-th!

When looking for a weight loss program suitable for you, ask what’s the guarantee it will be fat? Did you know most programs make you lose muscle? If a program can’t guarantee you that it will be fat that you lose, save your money. Most programs don’t know or care how you lose the weight you want off. These weight loss programs are centered around WEIGHT LOSS which includes losing a significant amount of MUSCLE LOSS (as much as 50% of your weight loss can come from fat), which is 6x easier to lose than fat. And losing muscle WILL slow your metabolism. See the problem? These programs are willing to hijack your muscle to make you lose weight and to only slow your metabolism, so that long term successful weight loss cannot be sustained.

We care. The secret to fat loss loss is muscle retention.

We are focused on your longterm wellness. Essentially, our goal is not only that you effectively lose fat, but retain and grow muscle post program. Staying strong and slim - everyday. Through the use of body composition analysis, which is readily available in every major city in Canada, we have scanned members before and after their SlimWell program to ensure that sarcopenia (muscle breakdown) does not occur and that all clients have achieved our program’s minimum acceptable standard which is 9:1 fat to muscle loss ratio. Most clients achieve 100% weight loss in the form of fat. And a minority of our clients do the unthinkable which is lose fat and weight while gaining muscle and speeding up their metabolism!

We’re all about guiding you every step (and pound) of the way! Learn more about all the unique features of the Slimwell’s Weight Loss with Injections Program below.

Coaching support and a holistic approach to weight loss.

At Slimwell, we truly care about helping you feel great. Weight loss isn’t just about the physical aspect—it’s important to have motivation and encouragement along the journey. Our program is friendly and welcoming, plus you receive caring support from your Slimwell weight wellness coach every step of the way. Providing coaching is a big part of our overall weight loss program because we truly want to see you succeed, and we give you the tools to do it!

Affordability, flexibility, and transparency.

Many diet programs often cost a large set-up fee. Then, you need to pay even more month-to-month for access to program features and tools. Slimwell eliminates complicated fee structures by offering you a choice of three different package levels, and that’s all you pay for—no additional or hidden costs later on. Our different packages also allow you to choose what works best for your goals, needs, and budget, because one size doesn’t necessarily fit all. We offer the most competitive prices on the market, plus the option of payment plans, to make our program even more accessible to everyone. A weight loss program that truly works can be expensive, but Slimwell believes that everyone should have access to the resources and help they need to drastically improve their health, happiness and self-image.

Real solutions to real problems.

There are a number of factors that can make it difficult for a person to lose weight, or conditions that make the weight loss journey harder than it already is. Our program helps eliminate several of these common factors that prevent you from being the weight you want. This includes: being too busy for a regular workout routine, inability to lose weight through exercise because of an injury, weight gain caused by a hormone imbalance, or difficulty in sticking to a diet because of feeling hungry or tired. We also offer virtual consultation options that work with your schedule, and even deliver our products and services to rural clients who may unable to access our clinic on a regular basis. Whatever is stopping you—we have a way to help you overcome it!

A positive weight loss journey.

Weight loss can seem intimidating. At Slimwell, we understand that embarking on a weight loss journey may feel daunting or unachievable. However, with the right program and the right tools, weight loss is attainable! We focus on the positive aspects of your personal weight loss journey, and strongly champion for your knowledge and wellbeing. We want you to enjoy pursuing a lower number and healthier lifestyle, in a long-lasting way that you can really feel good about. Your own personal weight wellness coach is always there for you to offer helpful advice and answer questions, or to get you back on track whenever you need a little push. Slimwell is truly a supportive and realistic weight loss program, and one that is confident in our clients’ abilities.

 Ready to get slim?

If you are unsure whether or not the Slimwell Program is right for you connect with one of our expert weight wellness coaches. They will assess your needs and goals, and are happy to answer all your questions for weight loss.