Our Guarantee

so you’re looking for a guarantee huh?

well – here’s what we know.

On the Slimwell program you have the potential to lose 7-8% body fat because that’s what we’ve done for thousands of our awesome members. The truth here is – there are no guarantees unless you commit to the program. When you follow the Slimwell protocol you can lose 25lbs of fat in just 40 days! Our program has helped a wide range of clients, from overweight to severely obese individuals. It has also safely and effectively helps clients with different health conditions, injuries, or concerns that often need specialized attention when it comes to weight loss.

The benefits of the Slimwell program as a client are:

On average, loss of 0.5 to 1 lb a day (that’s fat, not muscle)

You should not feel hungry, but satiated and energized. We want you to feel great.

You will never look at your food options that same again. Slimwell ignites and uncovers a new path of education and understanding for how to feed yourself to retain a slim + well life.

If you are unsure whether or not the program will be effective for you, we even offer a free initial consultation for you to discuss your weight loss goals and questions with our Slimwell weight wellness expert. 

We provide a comprehensive weight loss program that gives you the best possible chance of achieving your weight loss goals, including access to your own personal weight wellness coach, progress tracking support, and last but not least: a program that truly works.

You will lose fat, not muscle…all that’s left is you!

 Ready to get slim?

If you are unsure whether or not the Slimwell Program is right for you connect with one of our expert weight wellness coaches. They will assess your needs and goals, and are happy to answer all your questions for weight loss.