hCG: Injections Versus Medically Prescribed Transdermal Application

In a bid to lose weight, many dieters and fitness enthusiasts have tried adding hCG to their weight loss program as an effective ways to shed fat without losing muscle.

But hCG is anything but a miracle drug and anyone that suggests otherwise may be trying to sell you something you don’t need.

Much of what is written about the hCG Diet is either misplaced fear mongering, or the result of an over-zealous marketing department making claims of benefits that are greatly exaggerated… but that doesn’t mean you should throw the value offered by hCG out with the bath water.

At SlimWell, we offer hCG as part of a full weight loss program.

The truth is that there are several delivery methods for hCG, including injections, drops and transdermal creams. To know which one is the best for you, you ought to know the difference, and choose to work with a company that offers your best fit.

While the most common, most recognized application of hCG is via injection, drops and transdermal creams are gaining popularity – below, we explain the difference.  Here’s the real skinny on hCG…

hCG injections

hCG injections are typically administered daily from a medical professional.  Unfortunately, for many people on hCG diets, this is a huge time commitment to drive to a clinic each day. In addition to this inconvenience, some clients have experienced the following:

  • Many client experience bruising and/or discomfort at the injection site.
  • hCG injections must be kept refrigerated.
  • Clients have reported that travelling with hCG injections have been difficult and the needles take time to dispose of in safe manner.

hCG drops

  • HCG drops are typically purchased in the form of homeopathic which are highly diluted, homeopathic
  • hCG drops typically contain reduced levels of the hCG hormone.
  • Pure medical grade hCG is never available without a valid doctor prescription.
  • hCG clients should be very sceptical when purchasing hCG drops or its variations, unless supervised by a qualified medical weight loss professional. In fact, internet homeopathic hCG is almost always manufactured outside of the U.S. and Canada, and typically doesn’t align with North American safety standards.

SlimWell’s NEW! Pharmaceutically Compounded hCG Transdermal Medical Cream

Medically prescribed transdermal cream get absorbed through the skin, and this means of application is the clinically preferred method for a hormone therapy like hCG.

Our clients have reported that they prefer the transdermal application and are enjoying it for a number of reasons.  

  • It is much easier to use, just apply it into the skin in the morning before you begin your day, better to travel with, no needles to dispose of and the weight loss results have been equally as effective as the injections.
  • Our compounded medical grade transdermal HCG cream is only available by obtaining a medical prescription.  
  • The transdermal cream is compounded with the same full strength medical grade HCG as previously used in the injections.  
  • The transdermal base is designed to deliver large molecules like HCG into the skin for optimal absorption.
  • The HCG cream contains no oils, so it aligns with the SlimWell program restrictions, and is made from a medical grade HCG.  
  • The transdermal delivery system of the HCG is transmitted through the skin using a special emollient designed for the medication to enter the bloodstream.  The cream is a great option since it is easy to apply once daily to the inner wrist/forearm area.

Initially, some clients were hesitant about changing from injections to the transdermal needless format, but rest assured their weight loss has been successful and the results have been just as effective.

Final verdict

Inevitably, the decision is up to you. Both the hCG transdermal cream and the daily hCG injections have the same degree of efficiency just that the cream offers more regarding the application, convenience and safety.

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