Frequently Asked Questions about Slimwell

Are you in Canada or the States?

We are headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, with support across Canada.

I’ve done an hCG diet before. How is the Slimwell program different?

Slimwell has updated an outdated program. Slimwell is medically updated and in keeping with current research. Slimwell promotes fat loss from fat stores (that hard to lose fat all over) while protecting and retaining muscle. Slimwell also resets your mental and physiological response to the foods you eat by guiding your nutritional choices with daily support and personalized plan.

Does hcg cause weight loss?

Not without calorie restriction, hcg cannot cause weight loss directly.

What Does hCG Stand For?

HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin.

If I consume less than 800 calories, will I lose even more weight?

No, our program starts at a base of 800 calories. If you eat any less than 800, your

body is at risk of thinking it’s starving and may actually hold on to the fat. In order to avoid a potential weight stall, it’s critical to meet the recommended caloric intake as advised by your SlimCoach.

Is all hCG created equal?

Not at all. Slimwell utilizes only medical grade hCG, medically prescribed for you. hCG that is not prescribed is therefore not medical grade and is typically in a diluted form.

If I’m taking hCG on Slimwell does that increase my chance of pregnancy?

No. hCG is administered is a very low dose and will not increase your chance of pregnancy.

Will I Gain The Weight Back after the Slimwell Program.

Gaining weight afterwards is a reflection of you returning to your old lifestyle habits. The nutritional knowledge gained after program guides you towards making better lifestyle choices and optimizing your success in maintaining your new healthy weight.

What are some symptoms that I might experience?

When we change our diet our body begins to naturally detox. Symptoms from the calorie reduction and the withdrawal of carbohydrates, sugars, and preservatives from your body include flu like symptoms like a light headache for aprox 72 hours.


What should I do if I get sick?

Seek immediate medical attention if you feel the need to. Please reach out and inform your coach. Be aware of taking cough, cold medication, lozenges etc. as they tend to contain sugar which may cause a stall.