finally, shed the struggle.

0.5 to 1lb of
fat loss, daily.

On average, slimwell clients see 25 lbs in 30 days

Slimwell accelerates fat loss while protecting your muscle and healthy tissue. Clients see 0.5 to 1lb a day seeing an average weight loss of 25lbs in 30 days. Slimwell also includes a food sensitivity test on over 300 foods, metals and vitamins. We design a customized health action plan for you, with you. Slimwell personalizes your weight loss experience and transforms your body composition for life.

faster, noticeable
results, daily

Results you’ll actually see from day 3 on with 0.5 to 1lb of fat loss daily. With inches off in the first week, you’ll be motivated to keep going! You’ll feel great while you lose the weight.

Samantha lost
40 lbs in 40 days.


convenient + discreet

Slimwell is fully tele-medical. You don’t need to waste time driving to a clinic. You have better things to do. We ship your medically prescribed program to your door, discreetly.

medically supported +
prescribed for you.

Upon enrolment you will be sent our medical intake with a prescription issued within 24 – 48 hours. We qualify for insurance depending on your tier of coverage and health spending accounts. *


NEW! Molecular Testing

We are excited to announce we have molecular testing now available for Slimwell clients. With a simple blood test we uncover preventable diseases you are trending towards coaching you in phase 4 towards optimal wellness.

your slimcoach, a tap away, daily.

Your Slimcoach is a certified holistic nutritional consultant tracking your results and food logs in real-time. With your Slimcoach by your side, you’ll have supportive cheerleader helping you reach your goals!


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