how does 0.5 to 1lb a day of fat loss sound?

0.5 to 1lb a day.
it happens.

30 LBS in

our clients say

I would like to a couple of minutes to "Thank the Team at Slimwell" for their assistance in helping me achieve my targeted weight loss goal of 30.5 pounds in little under a month. With their help and program, I lost an average of a little over a 1 pound per day.


Wow! I lost 30lbs for my daughter's wedding and it was easier than I thought. I didn't feel hungry and that helped me to stay on track and the pounds came off. My slimcoach taught me about how to shop for my body.


Thank you Slimwell!! I lost 23 pounds in 20 days on my first round of program. I am now on my second round and already down 14 lbs in 16 days! The support from my coach is awesome and she really helps me stay on track. I've tried many other plans and none of them have worked like the Slimwell. They truly care about your success!! My coach was fun and knowledgeable. Thanks again, what a great program.


is a Diet

0.5 to 1lb daily
RAPID + NOticeable

Imagine waking up to see 0.5 to 1 lb of fat loss daily. It's motivating and reminds you that you can and will get to your weight loss goal. 25lbs - 30 lbs in 30 days happens!

Full meal plan
with slim metrics

A full meal plan is provided with accompanying recipes, grocery list and approved and restricted food items. All grocery store bought items focused on holistic nutrition to nourish and promote fat loss, not muscle.

Lose fat, not muscle

Slimwell promotes fat loss from fat stores exclusively. The program is designed to protect your muscle and healthy tissue to support a healthier metabolism for wellness & retention.

food sensitivity test,

Our food sensitivity test helps you identify which foods are causing inflammation in your digestive system. Your coach then guides and educates you on how to nourish and manage your weight in maintenance based on results!


Our program features medical grade products to support your body composition and wellness throughout program phases. Medically supported and prescribed by our team.

daily REal-Time support,
Your OWN SLIM coach

We know losing weight and making the right nutritional choices can feel daunting. Your Slim coach receives the data you input in the app real-time so support happens where every you are in your day. Your SlimCoach is a tap away!

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